Stave Gardens Community Association

Join the Stave Falls Community Block Watch

Become a participant with the Stave Falls Community Block Watch. This is a really simple program with minimal time commitments.

The first meeting will be in September, 2018 where we hope to have 70% of the Stave Falls community represented.  By Spring, Stave Falls should be the recipient of community ‘Block Watch’ sign posts and you can claim a very small deductible from some home owners’ insurances.

We’ll meet once a year to review procedures if something is going on; and your local captains will keep you informed of bigger deal things. Everything complies with our SGCA privacy policy AND is kept 100% confidential by the District of Mission Crime Prevention Office.

Your local Captain / Coordinator is Jen Juhasz and you can connect with her directly by phone, email – 604-353-4762; [email protected]; or on Facebook

Captains of the Community Block Watch program do have to complete a background check for the Mission Crime Prevention Office through the RCMP. We meet slightly more frequently than the overall group, but Jen will remain as the primary coordinator and will disseminate the information learned from the District of Mission directly to you.